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Hear what my clients have to say: 

Tessa’s conversations in the supermarket aisles, with potential customers, about our food products, discussing them right there on the shelves, was a really great way of understanding how likely the products were to be noticed and bought, in a real life situation.
— Richard Reed, Co-founder and Brand Director, Innocent Drinks

Tessa went straight to the potential customers in the store they shop in, the aisle they buy from and even the section they buy from. What made the research so valuable was that she not only asked the questions that we knew we didn’t have the answers to – which messages were important and what the right price is – but we also got answers to the question of pack shape.
— Camilla Barnard , Co-Founder, Rude Health

Tessa’s work for us in the chilled aisle direct with shoppers at the point of purchase brought a whole new level of colour and insight to our brand planning process. We are now clear on the emotional heart of our brand, our points of difference, our triggers and barriers to purchase, as well as future food territories for innovation.
— Kerry Collinge, Marketing Director, Charlie Bigham's

We value Tessa’s ability to see through fog. What makes a customer love us, what stops them ever trying us, and where will our customers allow us to develop new foods? Tessa has brought clarity to which new products will lure first-timers in and which will help us deepen the relationship with the customers we have.
— Simon Day, unearthed® Founder

Bogdana G_150_color_corrected.png
Tessa has been instrumental to our Red Red stews range, now launched in Whole Foods. She uses a very hands-on approach, going where consumers work, live or do their shopping and starts informal conversations - this allows her to get very simple but real discussions with people. With her past experiences in food branding and research, Tessa brings an incredible sense of analysis which guided our thinking and our decisions several times.
— Bogdana Ghinescu, Business Development Director - Foods, Unilever

Tessa’s in-store research technique really enabled her to bring to life consumer insights on Cauli Rice in a way that no qualitative or quantitative research could do. We were very happy with the results and highly recommend her to anyone interested in getting genuine, unrehearsed customer feedback!
— Gem Misa , Co-founder, Cauli Rice

Tessa comes to it from an objective, impartial and informed viewpoint. She offers a wealth of knowledge and was able to objectively investigate some challenges through in-store interviews. The findings have directly impacted how we operate, and we continue to use Tessa as a valuable independent expert in the sector. The insights you can get from this sort of work can be good for your business and very good value.
— Tom Mercer , Founder, MOMA! Foods Ltd.

We originally launched Plain Jane for customers who just loved the base of our yoghurt. We received emails and gained feedback from customers telling us the blue packaging and “Plain” name perhaps indicated a non-sweetened yoghurt. When Tessa did some in-store research for us in the aisles it reconfirmed what they thought. We tweaked the name to Sweet Jane, chose a warmer colour, pink, and put a clear message on pack about the touch of honey in the yoghurt. Not only were consumers really clear on what’s in the pack, but sales increased by 50%!
— Amelia Harvey , Co-Founder, The Collective Dairy UK

As a small business it’s often easy to avoid research, as it’s seen as a luxury. But actually doing some high-quality, focused but affordable research with someone as experienced as Tessa can be invaluable for the business itself and any customers you are going to present to. Tessa was great value for money for us as a new, very small business.
— Wendy Wilson-Bett , Co-Owner, Peter's Yard Crispbreads

Working with Tessa has been really useful - it us gave clarity and confirmation about some pre-conceived thoughts , provoked much wider thinking and provided some useful ‘quick wins’ which we have already started to action.
— Landen Prescott-Brann, CFO of Itsu

Working with Tessa is easy. You give her your business itch and she’ll scratch it. She’s not only highly knowledgeable through her FMCG wisdom and experience, but she also gets her hands dirty and will go and do proper research. When I say proper, I mean ‘stand in a fridge supermarket and question people for eight hours a day to find out what your products need to do to walk themselves into their basket and bleep through the till’. WIN.
— Jim Cregan , Founder, Jimmy's Iced Coffee

Tessa’s work with our consumers at point of purchase has spread across multiple categories for us this year, and has been instrumental to some key innovation projects, as well as feeding into our longer term brand & category planning process, providing us with thought provoking insights, reinforcing existing hypothesis and also giving us invaluable quick wins we have already actioned. I highly recommend Tessa for invaluable at point of purchase consumer insight.
— Pippi Brereton, Group Brand Manager, Graze